KH Digital Interactive software platform offers powerful solutions that transforming interactions with customers, adding excitement to the user experience. KH Digital Interactive signage is far more than sign on the wall. Display promotional material combined with entertaining and dynamic content to enhance the impact and recall of your messaging while also delivering a more pleasurable “mobile” user experience.





Dynamic layout display

Makes it easier to plan content layouts, allows administrators to specify type and number of elements and their arrangement on the screen. Delivering an aesthetically pleasing message to viewers.


Enhanced design for multiple market

With a choice of industry-leading touch technologies offering versatility across multiple market segments for a heightened user experience, make it easy to rapidly create aesthetic looking displays.


Centralized cloud management

Maximum flexibility, manage both interactive and signage with one UI console. Remotely control and instantly update messaging, content and promotions, with easy to use interfaces allow you to create content and playlists to get your messages in front of the right audiences.


Quick and easy to use

It most easy-to-use and highly effective solution. Minimize the time required for creation, deployment and maintenance.


Scalability and Modules

System is scalable and can adapt and grow with your business to meet your changing requirement as well as changes in technology. Also, extension modules that provide additional capabilities.








Typical appplications:


Virtual Reception Interactive Ticket Station AR Game Station Shopping Cart